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By Deka
A big, fat YES! Lol. As I've posted in another thread, we have recently visited Mount Pinatubo for our off-road adventure. Aside from that, we've been through some other locations for off-roading. And it's so much fun because you get the thrill of riding every time! Here is a few other off-road locations we've been to in my country:

1. Calanasan to Pinukpuk Trail in Cordillera Region. This one's a bit of an easy trail although there's not much you can see. We probably finished it in a whole day.

2. Sudlon to Toledo Trail in Bataan. A moderate trail that is quite fun to ride to. There are lots of things to see, from trees, animals... Some roads are difficult to navigate to but it's nothing compared to:

3. Tokukan in Cordillera Region. Goodness, this one's a bit of a difficult one since we rode until night time. It was super foggy, there were lots of rocky areas plus lots of slips on the rode. I'm glad that I didn't bring my family along with me since my son would be terrified I think.

That's about it. I'm hoping we could travel off-road some more this year.:)
By byh
Not lately. I've been so busy with life, I haven't had the chance to go mudding. Maybe my 50th birthday will give me a wild hair to go off-road exploring. I'd also like to go rock mining again. There's nothing like sitting in the hatch of your Cherokee smacking geodes with your rock hammer and finding sparkling treasures inside. After rinsing them off behind the motel, I like to let the Jeep climb the side of a mountain to the best view of Hot Springs for dinner.
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